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29 February 2016

Thoughts about Microservices vs SOA

by Alberto Salazar

At this time everybody are talking about Microservices but since it first emerged more than a decade ago, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been both widely popular as a modern approach to software development and infrastructure architecture and promise stop the waste of time and money.

Missed expectations for many SOA projects led one analyst in 2009 to declare, “SOA is dead.” Far from being dead, however, service oriented architecture is in fact more relevant than ever.

The mega-trends of Software as Services SaaS, mobile, and Big Data are converging to create a massive explosion of endpoints and data. In this New Enterprise era, businesses can be overwhelmed by the resulting connectivity demands, or they can seize the opportunity and gain competitive advantage by seamlessly connecting everything.

The smartest enterprises are transforming this fragmentation into strength by connecting today’s explosion of applications, data, partners and customers into a single, high performing entity.

The strategies for developing this connected enterprise are the fundamentals of agile SOA. The key challenge: ending a platform solution that can deliver immediate impact while providing a foundation for future cloud and on-premise integration demands it is the modern term of a Microservices Style Architecture; based on several old principles that will let us build new features in less time and effort.

I let you some of these characteristics that you will win architecting your application based on Microservices:

Finally i let you some recomendations about architecting your application based on Microservices:

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