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24 February 2019

DevNexus: Nowadays Architecture Trends

by Alberto Salazar

This Year I am going to participate in the great DevNexus Conference organized by the Atlanta JUG. During the last years, I participate in several conferences explaining about, how hard it is to move a Monolithic application with several years of code to a modern style of Architecture or Architecture patterns.

Nowadays Architecture Trends, from Monolith to Microservices and Serverless

In this session, attendees will learn about a real-world evolution to a Distributed Architecture without being involved of a complete Microservices Madness; taking in place clean code practices and patterns that will help us in this evolution.

Also, I will be covering tips and tricks of an experience of an evolution of a huge EAR Core Banking Application and how we evolve to a modern distributed Architecture.

And finally, I give a review of the evolution of using 3rd party services and Serverless; tips, tricks, pros, cons and the reasons for being involved in move forward.

You will find some sample code as FaaS and explain the pitfalls of Serverless and the security concerns on this evolution. I will be using snippets code based on JAVA, JWT, JWS, Auth0, Spring Boot and Webflux on Oracle Cloud and Spring Cloud Functions on Amazon Lambdas.

If you want to get a cool T-Shirt, participate as me writing a blog or posting a video, for more information follow the link below:

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