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30 November 2017

The Fact 10 Years of Code! Transform your Monolithic

by Alberto Salazar

This Year I participate to several conferences explaining about how hard it is to move a Monolithic application with several years of code to a modern Microservices Architecture.

In this presentation I show the fact of more than 10 years of an enterprise application that become a huge snow ball, hard to handle, maintain and update on production enviroments.

Every year the application start to be more complex and difficult to handle:

With these context we realize that we are not able to improve the business and have new features as soon as posible; so I let you a resume guide of steps to follow and you will be able to transform your Monolithic

But after all these hard work not everything is win with Microservices; we have several losses with this type of architecture like:


Finally i let you some recomendations about these work:

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